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Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide
Free online book "Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide" from Microsoft. This guide describes a scenario around a fictitious company named Tailspin that has decided to encompass Windows Phone 7 as a client device for their existing cloud-based application. In addition to describing the client application, its integration with the remote services, and the decisions made during its design and implementation, this book discusses related factors, such as the design patterns used, the capabilities and use of Windows Phone 7, and the ways that the application could be extended or modified for other scenarios. The result is that, after reading this book, you will be familiar with how to design and implement applications for Windows Phone 7 that take advantage of remote services to obtain and upload data while providing a great user experience on the device. Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide
Windows Phone Programming in C#
Free eBook "Windows Phone Programming in C#" by Rob Miles. This material, created by Rob Miles, is an introduction to Windows Phone development for anyone learning to program. It assumes some knowledge of programming fundamentals, but they will teach you programming concepts in the framework of Windows Phone development. Topics covered: Windows Phone 7, Introduction to Silverlight, Introduction to Visual Studio 2010, User Interface Design with Silverlight, Consuming Data Services, XNA Overview, Creating Windows Phone Applications, Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone Programming in C#
Silverlight for Windows Phone
Free eBook "Silverlight for Windows Phone" by Puja Pramudya. This e-book is written for those who want to get to know, use, and develop applications for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s latest mobile platform. Of course, it would be naive to consider that this e-book covers the topic about Windows Phone entirely, but it can undoubtedly give you a good basic to learn. In this e-book you will not find topics that require advanced hardware supports such as multi-touch or FM, because this e-book is written based on the available emulator. Topics covered: Windows Phone Overview, Using Windows Phone Development Tools, Silverlight on Windows Phone, Specific Features on Windows Phone, Developing a Simple Windows Phone Application. Silverlight for Windows Phone
Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers
Free eBook "Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers" by Microsoft. If you have been developing iPhone applications and are interested in building your applications for Windows Phone 7, this guide is for you. The guide will cover what you need to know to add Windows Phone 7 development to your skill set, while leveraging what you have already learned building iPhone applications. Topics covered: Windows Phone 7 Platform introduced to iPhone application developers, User Interface Guidelines, Developer and designer tools introduced to iPhone application developers, C# programming introduced to Objective-C programmers, Image Format Considerations in migration of iPhone applications to Windows Phone 7, Application Lifecycle Differences Between Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone, iPhone to Windows Phone 7 Application Preference Migration, Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Notifications for iPhone Developers. Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers

Free Oracle Magazine Print Edition
Subscribe to free print edition of the Oracle magazine. Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more.

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