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HTML and CSS References
A complete reference to web standard XHTML (strict) tags and CSS (2.1) properties. HTML Tags - All of the valid Strict XHTML tags, with description, example, required and optional attributes. CSS Properties - All of the valid properties belonging to CSS 2.1, with description, possible values, example and links to related properties and Guides.  
The Free Web Design Ebook
If you want to build a website, but don't know where to get started, this ebook will show how to get started with free website design software. After you've downloaded the web design software, you can also download professionally designed free website templates that you can customize for your own site.  
Developing User-Friendly Flash Content
The original intent of this white paper was to provide Macromedia Flash developers with the knowledge necessary to create user-friendly Macromedia Flash experiences on the Web. The need for this paper has never been more crucial, since many of the most vocal Web critics have recently portrayed Macromedia Flash content in a negative light. The claims that Macromedia Flash content is bad for the Web or that Macromedia Flash and usability are polar opposites are both myths.  
Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines
Although recent findings show the public increasingly interacting with government Web sites, a common problem is that people can't find what they're looking for. In other words, the sites lack usability. The Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines aid in correcting this problem by providing the latest Web design guidance from the research and other forms of evidence.
Nonprofit Websites: Cutting Through the EMaze
Todd Baker is one of the well-known names in the fundraising business and he has a free book you can download "Nonprofit websites: Cutting Through the EMaze." While its focus is the non-profit industry, there are certainly valuable tips for any commercial web site.

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