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Database fundamentals
Free eBook "Database fundamentals" from IBM. Get the fundamentals to learn about databases. Read this free ebook to: Learn relational database theory, Understand different information models, Learn logical and physical database design, Get the basics of the SQL language and XML, Practice using hands-on exercises. Topics covered: Chapter 1 - Databases and information models, Chapter 2 – The relational data model, Chapter 3 – The conceptual data model, Chapter 4 – Relational Database Design, Chapter 5 – Introduction to SQL, Chapter 6 – Stored procedures and functions, Chapter 7 – Using SQL in an application, Chapter 8 – Query languages for XML, Chapter 9 – Database Security, Chapter 10 – Technology trends and databases. Database fundamentals
SQL Server Statistics
Free eBook "SQL Server Statistics" from Simple-Talk. Holger Schmeling’s work in SQL Server Distribution Statistics was first published as a pair of long articles for Simple-Talk. The booklet takes a practical, and well-informed approach to a subject that is not always easy to explain or understand. A Distribution Statistics object is a sampled map of the distribution of data in a table. Such statistics help the Query Optimizer of SQL Server's Database Engine to translate the 'logical' SQL Query into the best strategy for doing all the physical operations of joining, sorting, and selecting the data. Most of the time, this work happens effectively without the database administrator having to be aware of what is going on, but occasionally, if the statistics no longer reflect what is actually in the table, then queries can suddenly run grindingly slow. At this point, the DBA must intervene to correct the problem. SQL Server Statistics
An Introduction to Data Mining
Free online book "An Introduction to Data Mining" by Dr. Saed Sayad. Data Mining is about explaining the past and predicting the future by means of data analysis. Data mining is a multi-disciplinary field which combines statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and database technology. The value of data mining applications is often estimated to be very high. Many businesses have stored large amounts of data over years of operation, and data mining is able to extract very valuable knowledge from this data. The businesses are then able to leverage the extracted knowledge into more clients, more sales, and greater profits. This is also true in the engineering and medical fields. An Introduction to Data Mining
SQL Performance Explained
Free ebook "SQL Performance Explained" by Markus Winand. It is a free guide to SQL performance for developers. Unlike many other SQL performance tuning resources, "SQL Performance Explained" avoids unnecessary details about database internals but highlights the most important topic for fast SQL: proper indexing. SQL Indexing is a vendor independent topic. You know, they all put their pants on one leg at a time. However, different products use different terms for the same feature. "SQL Performance Explained" covers IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server explicitly to show where they differ, and where not. The main text uses the Oracle database's terms only—for a better reading experience. SQL Performance Explained
The Little MongoDB Book
Free ebook "The Little MongoDB Book" by Karl Seguin. As a document-oriented database, Mongo is a more generalized NoSQL solution. It should be viewed as an alternative to relational databases. Like relational databases, it too can benefit from being paired with some of the more specialized NoSQL solutions. MongoDB has advantages and drawbacks, which we'll cover in later parts of this book.Topics covered: Getting Started, Updating, Mastering Find, Data Modeling, When To Use MongoDB, MapReduce, Performance and Tools. The Little MongoDB Book
Oracle Performance Tuning with Solid State Disk
Free ebook "Oracle Performance Tuning with Solid State Disk" by Oracle expert Mike Ault, with contributions from Jamon Bowen, Joe Bromley, and Matt Key, all experts on solid state disk (SSD) technology. The increasing popularity of solid state disks is challenging DBAs to adapt their database performance tuning methodologies in order to optimize application performance and return on investment. This new book delivers up-to-the-minute practical guidance that empowers DBAs to target SSD technology to those database areas that will benefit most. Oracle Performance Tuning with Solid State Disk

Free Oracle Magazine Print Edition
Subscribe to free print edition of the Oracle magazine. Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more.

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