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Tester Types
Free eBook "Tester Types" in pdf format. After many years working as a software tester I have met some incredibly interesting people. Along the way these people have in some way shaped the person that I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. What these people also did was give me the insight and personalities that make up the basis of the Tester Types. These peers, colleagues and managers have all given me the inspiration I needed to make the 19 Tester Types you see in this book.
Scrum and XP from the Trenches
Free eBook "Scrum and XP from the Trenches" aims to give you a head start by providing a detailed down-to-earth account of how one Swedish company implemented Scrum and XP with a team of approximately 40 people and how they continuously improved their process over a year's time. Topics covered: How we do product backlogs, How we prepare for Sprint planning, How we do Sprint planning, How we communicate Sprints, How we do Sprint backlogs, How we arrange the team room, How we do daily Scrum, How we do Sprint demos, How we do Sprint retrospectives, Slack time between Sprints, How we do release planning and fixed priced contracts, How we combine Scrum with XP, How we do testing, How we handle multiple Scrum teams, How we handle geographically distributed teams, Scrum master checklist, Parting words.
Acceptance Test Engineering Guide
Free 251 page ebook "Acceptance Test Engineering Guide" in pdf format. The Acceptance Test Engineering Guide will provide guidance for technology stakeholders (developers, development leads, testers, test leads, architects, etc.) and business stakeholders (managers, customers, end users, etc) on the discipline of acceptance testing. This guide will cover the discipline of acceptance testing from several perspectives and contexts. It will provide models, heuristics and a set of actionable job aides rooted in a sample app. The focus is on: How to Plan for Acceptance Testing, What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run, How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests, Defining What "Done" Means, How to Justify Your Approach.
Essential Skills for Agile Development
Free ebook "Essential Skills for Agile Development" in pdf format. Agile Development, in particular, eXtreme Programming (XP), has been gaining a lot of momentum because it can effectively address the problems plaguing software development such as mis-understanding customers' requirements, missing deadlines, over-budget, conflicts between customers and developers and poor maintainability of legacy systems. The book includes the following chapters: (1) Removing duplicate code. (2) Turning comments into code. (3) Removing code smells. (4) Keeping code fit. (5) Take care to inherit. (6) Handling inappropriate references. (7) Separate database, user interface and domain logic. (8) Managing software projects with user stories. (9) OO design with CRC cards. (10) Acceptance test. (11) How to acceptance test a user interface. (12) Unit test. (13) Test driven development. (14) Team development with CVS. (15) Essential skills for communications. (16) Pair programming.
Kanban and Scrum : Making the most of both
Free ebook "Kanban and Scrum : Making the most of both" in pdf format. Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development - two deceptively simple but surprisingly powerful approaches to software development. The purpose of this book is to clear up the fog, so you can figure out how Kanban and Scrum might be useful in your environment. This book includes: Kanban and Scrum in a nutshell, Comparison of Kanban and Scrum and other Agile methods, Practical examples and pitfalls, Cartoons and diagrams illustrating day-to-day work, Detailed case study of a Kanban implementation within a Scrum organization.

Subscribe to Free Oracle Magazine Print Edition
Subscribe to free print edition of the Oracle magazine. Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more. January/February 2011 issue: First released in 1995 and purchased by Sun in 2008, MySQL has rapidly graduated from the realm of hobbyists to the world of business, becoming the leading open source database for many Web applications and an integral part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Web application stack. Almost a year after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, MySQL plays an even bigger role in enterprises of all sizes worldwide, including the Bank of Finland, Clickability, and Gorilla Nation Media. Discover the secrets to their success.

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