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System Design and Analysis
This free book about System Design and Analysis is divided into 3 parts: Introduction to Systems, Systems Anaysis and System Design.  
Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software
This book is an attempt to provide an introduction to reverse engineering software under both Linux and Microsoft Windows. The goal of this book is not to cover how to reproduce an entire program from a binary, but instead how to use the Scientific Method to deduce specific behavior and to target, analyze, extract and modify specific operations of a program, usually for interoperability purposes.  
Software Architect
This is a primer to help a Software Developer or Software Engineer become a Software Architect. It is intended to introduce the role of the Software Architect and the arena in which the Software Architect will operate.  
Agile Software Development
This contains extracts from the book Agile Software Development: Chapter 1: A Cooperative Game of Invention and Communication, Chapter 2: Individuals, Chapter 3: Communicating, Cooperating Teams, Chapter 4: Methodologies (extract), Chapter 5: Agile and Self-Adapting (extract), Chapter 6: The Crystal Methodologies (extract), Appendix A: The Agile Software Development Manifesto (extract) and Appendix B: Naur, Ehn, Musashi.
Writing Effective Use Cases
This is a 113 page extract from the book: Writing Effective Use Cases.

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