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The Art and Science of Smalltalk
This highly readable and practical book provides an effective introduction to programming in Smalltalk, and explains the most efficient ways to think about and work with the system.
Practical Smalltalk
Practical Smalltalk: Using Smalltalk/V by Dan Shafer and Dean A. Ritz is available in pdf format.
Smalltalk An Introduction to Application Development using VisualWorks
Free complete guide to Smalltalk-80, containing everything a user should know to start constructing applications. This provides a detailed explanation of the Smalltalk language, and describes the VisualWorks development environment and its rich library of classes.
Smalltalk and Object Orientation
This free book covers Smalltalk style, typical Smalltalk bugs, way to develop a Smalltalk program and testing of 0-0 systems. Explains Unified Modeling Language, and Object Modeling Technique.
A Taste of Smalltalk
This book is just a "taste" and makes no pretense of being a reference manual. It's short enough to be easily digested yet large enough to give you a good feel for the concepts.

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