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Smalltalk by Example: The Developer's Guide
This free Smalltalk book covers the following topics: Handle errors using Smalltalk's handling mechanism, Change procedural code into object-oriented code, Write multithreaded applications with semaphores and mutexes, Use the Model View Controller paradigm to split applications into pieces that each focus on the domain problem and user interaction.
Smalltalk With Style
This free pdf book covers layout and structure, comments, code formatting, software reuse and overall program structure, reliability and portability, tips, tricks, and traps.
Inside Smalltalk (Volume One)
This free textbook provides an intro to the object-oriented programming language Smalltalk-80, with an emphasis on classes, subclassing, inheritance and message passing.
Inside Smalltalk (Volume Two)
This an exploration of the Smalltalk system as a powerful and efficient prototyping and development environment.
A Little Smalltalk
This is a wonderfull little book that not only introduces the reader to object-oriented programming, but also describes the implementaion of a SmallTalk-like language.

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