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Become An Xcoder
This book aims to take you relatively painlessly through an introduction to the fundamental concepts in programming the Mac using Xcode and Objective-C.  
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages by Simon Peyton Jones can be downloaded in pdf format or you can read it online.  
A Practical Theory of Programming
You can download the book in four parts, in your choice of pdf or ps format, from the left column below. You can also download the lecture visuals, in pdf format, from the right column below.
A++ The Smallest Programming Language in the World
A++ The Smallest Programming Language in the World - An Educational Programming Language. Including an Introduction to the Lambda Calculus.  
Data Structures
These notes provide an introduction to some of the most commonly occurring data structures. The language used is Java. The aim is not the greatest generality. The DataStructures package developed here is not as extensive as the Collections framework, first released with Java 1.2.  

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