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Algorithms: Fundamental Techniques
This book aims to be an accessible introduction into the design and analysis of efficient algorithms. Throughout the book, we will explain only the most basic techniques, and we will give intuition for and an introduction to the rigorous mathematical methods needed to describe and analyze them.  
The GENTLE Compiler Construction System
The GENTLE Compiler Construction System, originally designed in 1989 at the German National Research Center for Information Technolgy, is now in industrial use for fifteen years: The very first system was sold to Nixdorf Computers, who used it to implement their Combined Object-Oriented Language, a C++ alternative for large mission-critical projects, e.g. in the chemical industry. The first Gentle system in 2005 was sold to Ritlabs, creators of The Bat, a leading email client.  
Programming in Standard ML
These notes are intended as a brief introduction to Standard ML (1997 dialect) for the experienced programmer. They began as lecture notes for 15-212: Fundamental Principles of Computer Science II, the second semester of the introductory sequence in the undergraduate computer science curriculum at Carnegie Mellon University.  
Serial Programming
This book consists of a series of articles (aka modules) regarding different aspects of serial data communication. Serial data communications is the foundation for most forms of data communications used with modern computing devices.  
Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review
10 practical essays from industry experts giving specific techniques for effective peer code review: Cisco: The largest-ever case study of peer code review, Modern experiments: results of the past 15 years, Five types of review: Pro's and Con's, Managing social aspects of peer review, Code review in the SEI/CMMI/PSP/TSP context, Why many developers don't embrace code review, Questions to ask when implementing a peer review process, Why haven't you heard more about code review?, Metrics and measurements, Code Collaborator: Software for efficient, remote peer review.

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