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How to Design Programs
Free online book How to Design Programs is devided in to following sections - Processing Simple Forms of Data, Processing Arbitrarily Large Data, More on Processing Arbitrarily Large Data, Abstracting Designs, Generative Recursion, Accumulating Knowledge, Changing the State of Variables and Changing Compound Values.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Free online book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is devided in to following sections - Building Abstractions with Procedures, Building Abstractions with Data, Modularity, Objects, and State, Metalinguistic Abstraction and Computing with Register Machines.
Programming from the Ground Up
This is an introduction to programming using Linux assembly language. It takes you a step at a time through these concepts - How the processor views memory, How the processor operates, How programs interact with the operating system, How computers represent data internally, How to do low-level and high-level optimization.
Learn to Program Using Python
This free online programming book covers the basic theory of computer programming - what it is, some of its history and the basic techniques needed to solve problems.
Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions
Free online book Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions is devided in to following sections - Basic Theory - The Simplex Method and Duality, Network-Type Problems, Interior-Point Methods and Extensions.

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