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Communication Networks
This free Communication Networks book includes topics: Introduction, The Physical Layer, The Data Link Layer, The Network Layer, The Transport Layer, The Session Layer, The Presentation Layer, The Application Layer, Local Area Networks, Telephone Networks, Integrated Services Digital Network and Broadband ISDN and ATM.  
ASN.1 - Communication Between Heterogeneous Systems
This free book explains ASN.1 and its encoding rules in easy-to-understand terms. It addresses the subject at both an introductory level that is suitable for beginners, and at a more detailed level that is meant for those who seek a deeper understanding of ASN.1 and the encoding rules.
ASN.1 Complete
Complete coverage of all aspects of ASN.1, including not only the notation and its encoding rules but also the supporting tools, guidance on matters of style and use, and a description of the areas where it has been applied.
Understanding Networking Technologies
This free online networking book covers topics: The Growth of Networking Technology, Local Area Networks, Connectivity, Wide Area Networking, Data Communications Technology, Networking Standards and References, Lower Layer Protocols, Software Protocols and Future Trends In Networking.  
IPv6, théorie et pratique(IPv6, Theory and Practice)
IPv6, théorie et pratique is in French. It is available online and the Google Language Tool does a good job of translating it to English.

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