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Practical Common Lisp
Unlike many other Lisp books, this one doesn't just touch on a few of Lisp's greatest features and then leave you on your own to actually use them. It covers all the language features you'll need to write real programs, and to developing nontrivial software. pdf version
Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp
This free online book is written with the professional programmer in mind. Using a hands on approach it introduces the ANSI Common Lisp standard. Practical examples of working code provide an in depth view of Common Lisp programming paradigms.
Common LISP, Second Edition : The Language
This is the Lisp programmers' bible. If you need to know the official specification, every function defined in Common Lisp can be found in here somewhere. It is not an introduction to programming in Lisp Common Lisp: The Language only offers the language specification.
On Lisp
On Lisp is a comprehensive study of advanced Lisp techniques. It gives the first complete description of macros and macro applications.
Lisp Primer
This free online Lisp book covers topics: LISt Processing, Defining Lisp functions, Recursion and Iteration, Programming Techniques, Simple Data Structures in Lisp, Input and Output, Functions, Lambda Expressions, and Macros.  

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