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The Linux Kernel
The Kernelbook aims to be the guide to how the kernel fits together, the subsystems and algorithms, maps of interconnections and trouble spots.  
Linux System Administrator Guide
Linux System Adminstrator's Guide is available either online or downloadable in the following formats: HTML, PDF, SGML, and "tar-gzipped" versions of the Multi-page and Single-page HTML.  
Learning About UNIX-GNU/Linux
UNIX-Gnu/Linux is an extremely powerful computing environment. The notes concentrate on using the tools provided by the environment as a user. They do not discuss using the environment as a desktop substitute for Windoze or Macintosh. They also do not discuss issues of installation or system administration, except for some brief materials in the fifth module.  
Developer Shortcut Guide to SUSE LINUX
This eBook, written for experienced developers who are looking to get a quick start on writing open source-based enterprise applications, offers the most up-to-date information on the capabilities of SUSE LINUX as a development environment for enterprise .NET and Java applications.  
Linux 101: The beginner's guide to all things Linux
This free online book covers the following topics: Quick Introduction to Linux, Getting started with Shell Programming, Shells (bash) structured Language Constructs, Advanced Shell Scripting Commands, Essential Utilities for Power User, Learning expressions with ex, awk Revisited and Examples of Shell Scripts.  

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