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The Operating Systems Handbook
This free pdf book shows you the following, for UNIX, VMS, OS/400, VM/CMS, and MVS operating systems: History of the operating system, Starting and ending a session, Filenames, How files are organized, and how to navigate, Available on-line help, Creating, copying, naming, and deleting files, Using the text editor, Printing text files, Creating and running command files, Sending and receiving mail, A sample session.
Agustin's Linux Manuals
This free manual covers the following topics. Volume 1 - Installation and Internet, Volume 2 - System Administration, Volume 3 - Multimedia and Hardware Installation and Volume 4 - Networks and Servers.  
Guide to ARMLinux for Developers
This book tries to cover a range of hardware and aspects of ARMLinux. It assumes that you are at least a competent computer user, more likely an experienced developer, but perhaps not very familiar with GNU/Linux or the ARM and its development platforms.  
Linux Compute Clusters
Linux Compute Clusters includes the following topics: Chapter 1: Introduction to Clusters, Chapter 2: Cluster Node Design (Outline only), Chapter 3: Cluster Interconnects, Chapter 4: Storage for a Linux Compute Cluster (Outline only), Chapter 5: Physical Considerations (Outline only),Chapter 6: Software Environment (Outline only),Chapter 7: Cluster Resource and Performance Management, Chapter 8: Cluster Administration (Outline only), Chapter 9: Clusters in a Production HPC Environment (Case Study), Chapter 10: Project from the Ground Up (Case Study), Chapter 11: Commercial Application and Chapter 11: Commercial Application (Case Study).  
Linux Shell Scripting A Beginner's handbook
This free online book covers the following topics: Quick Introduction to Linux, Getting started with Shell Programming, Shells (bash) structured Language Constructs, Advanced Shell Scripting Commands, Essential Utilities for Power User, Learning expressions with ex, awk Revisited and Examples of Shell Scripts.  

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