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Component Development for the Java Platform
Free Java book from DevelopMentor Technical Book Series. This book is about developing components using the Java platform. In this book, the term component has a very specific meaning. Component Development for the Java Platform can be downloaded in pdf format.
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java
Free Java AI programming book by Mark Watson. Topics covered in this book include Search, Natural Language Processing, Expert systems, Genetic algorithms, Neural Networks, Statistical Natural Language Processing, SPAM Email detection.  
The Software Development Book for Java Developers
Free Java book by Mark Watson. This book is not complete but the chapter layout and material selection is finished. The book is about 60% complete.  
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
This online free Java book is divided into 4 parts. Part 1 is a brief introduction to what Java is, why it's cool and what you need to use it. Part 2 is a tutorial introduction to Java. Part 3 covers the basics of writing applets in Java. Part 4 introduces you to objects and classes.  
Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language
This Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language document contains the standard conventions that Sun follow and recommend that others follow.  

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