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The JFC Swing Tutorial Second Edition
The JFC Swing Tutorial Second Edition is a tutorial on creating a GUI with JFC/Swing. It covers topics Getting Started with Swing, Learning Swing by Example, Using Swing Components, Laying Out Components Within a Container and Writing Event Listeners.
The Java Tutorial Continued
The Java Tutorial Continued is an online book which covers topics like IDL, Internationalization, 2D Graphics, Security in 1.2, Sound, JDBC Database Access, RMI and Reflection.
The Java Language Specification Third Edition
The book provides complete, accurate, and detailed coverage of the Java programming language. It provides full coverage of all new features added in since the previous edition including generics, annotations, asserts, autoboxing, enums, for each loops, variable arity methods and static import clauses.
The Design Patterns Java Companion
This Java design patterns book by James W. Cooper includes topics like Creational Patterns, The Java Foundation Classes, Structural Patterns and Behavioral Patterns.
Securing Java
Online version of Securing Java includes topics like Mobile Code and Security: Why Java Security is Important, Malicious Applets: Avoiding the Common Nuisances, Java Security Guidelines: Developing and Using Java More Securely and The Future of Java Security: Challenges Facing Mobile Code.

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