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Working with XML
This online book Working with XML: The Java API for Xml Processing (JAXP) Tutorial covers the following topics: Understanding XML and the Java XML APIs, Serial Access with the Simple API for XML (SAX), XML and the Document Object Model (DOM) and Using XSLT.  
Blue Pelican Java Textbook
This high school computer science text book is highly focused, concise, and to the fluff, no frills. Many of the new features of the recently released Java 5.0 and 6.0 are detailed in a free pdf version of this 543 page book.
Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents
This free Java e-book is written for kids from 11 to 80 years old and for school computer teachers, parents who want to get their child into the world of computer programming and college students who are looking for a supplement to overcomplicated textbooks.
Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java
This JavaTech Web Course provides an extensive array of tutorial and reference materials for the Java programming language with an emphasis on how you can apply Java to scientific and technical computing tasks. We particularly focus on those particular features of Java, such as the big collection of networking and graphical user interface tools, that are especially beneficial to those who work in those fields.
Introduction to Computer Science using Java 5.0 version
This is a first course in Computer Science using the programming language Java. It covers the fundamentals of programming and of computer science.  

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