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Google App Engine Java Experiments
Free eBook "Google App Engine Java Experiments" by Romin K. Irani. Topics covered: Google App Engine Java Development Setup, GAEJ + XMPP and rolling your own Agent, Communicating to another XMPP Account via your Bot, Using the GAEJ Email Service, Building a Dictionary App : Using the GAEJ URL Fetch Service, Upgrading to Google App Engine 1.2.6, Handling incoming Email in your application, Writing your First Google Wave Robot, Using Memcache in your GAEJ applications, Using the Cron Service to run scheduled tasks, Using the Task Queue Service, Develop Simple Wave Robots with WadRobotFramework, Writing an Advanced Wave Robot with WadRobotFramework, Using the Blobstore Java API, Writing a Chrome Extension powered by App Engine, Using a CAPTCHA in your Google App Engine Application, Using the Datastore API. Google App Engine Java Experiments
Getting started with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Free eBook "Getting started with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition" from IBM. Topics covered: Find out what Community Edition is all about, Learn how to develop Java EE applications with Community Edition, Understand how Community Edition interacts with databases such as DB2, Learn everyday Community Edition administration tasks, Tune and troubleshoot Community Edition servers, Get familiar with some advanced features of Community Edition, Practice with hands-on exercises. Getting started with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

Latest issue of Oracle Magazine print edition
Subscribe to free print edition of the Oracle magazine. Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more.

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