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NVIDIA GPU Programming Guide
This free game programming book includes chapters on How to Optimize Your Application, General GPU Performance Tips, GeForce 6 Series, GeForce 7 Series, and Quadro FX Programming Tips, GeForce FX Programming Tips, NVIDIA SLI Technology and more.
Action Arcade Adventure Set
As you read this book, keep in mind it is pretty old. Some of the opinions expressed in it are no longer relevant. In particular, size optimizations are not the issue they used to be. And I have come to believe programming in C++ is probably a pretty good idea. Marketing issues have changed considerably. And I do not believe low resolution DOS games will sell as well as Windows games in today's environment.
Simulating Humans: Computer Graphics, Animation, and Control
This book is intended for human factors engineers interested in understanding how a computer-graphics surrogate human can augment their analyses of designed environments. It will also inform design engineers of the state of the art in human figure modeling, and hence of the human-centered design central to the emergent concept of concurrent engineering. In fulfilling these goals, the book additionally documents for the entire computer graphics community a major research effort in the interactive control of articulated human figures.
Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, 2nd Edition
It's all about graphics file formats. As any graphics programmer or illustrator knows, there are many different file formats used for storing graphics data -- data such as vector graphics, ray tracing, black-and-white photographs, truecolor images, animation data, motion video, and multimedia data. The Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats is the definitive reference to all of these formats--from major, standardized formats, like GIF, TIFF, TGA, and BMP, to newer or specialized formats, like PNG, SPIFF, SGI YAODL, and Facesaver.
Grokking the GIMP
This free online book about GIMP provides powerful explanations for how to do advanced tasks. It goes beyond the glitz and flash of the latest whiz-bang image filter and provides invaluable, fundamental concepts of image manipulation and correction.

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