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Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Addressing the trend in industry away from fully custom chip design to semi-custom technology, this book provides the first comprehensive introduction to Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). The book is intended for a wide audience. It may be used in an undergraduate or graduate course. It is also intended for those in industry who are involved with ASICs.
Principles of Semiconductor Devices
Free online book "Principles of Semiconductor Devices" by B. Van Zeghbroeck. The goal of this text is to provide the basic principles of common semiconductor devices, with a special focus on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistors (MOSFETs).  
Development and Implementation of RFID Technology
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automated identification technology that uses tags to transmit data upon RFID reader queries. Compared to barcodes identification technology, RFID tags provide a unique identifier, which raises concerns over user privacy, such as clandestine tracking and inventorying. In its original version, a RFID tag responds to a reader query with its fixed unique serial number. This fixed unique serial number enables tracking of tags and the bearers, possibly without the bearers’ knowledge or consent. In addition to the unique serial number, some tags carry information about the objects they are attached to. Thus, a retail store or a person owning such tags might be under threat of clandestine inventorying.
Multi-Touch Technologies
Free ebook "Multi-Touch Technologies" from NUI Group Authors. Multi-touch (or multitouch) denotes a set of interaction techniques that allow computer users to control graphical applications with several fingers. Multi-touch devices consist of a touch screen (e.g.,computer display, table, wall) or touchpad, as well as software that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points, as opposed to the standard touchscreen (e.g. computer touchpad, ATM), which recognizes only one touch point.
USB Multi-Role Device Design By Example
Free book on USB technology. USB has come a long way since its inception as a desktop PC expansion bus in 1995. The USB Specification defines a master-slave communications system and details two distinct roles – a host that is in control of all communications and a function that provides services to the host. Initial implementations partitioned these roles into individual silicon components. The recent "On-The-Go" (OTG) Supplement extends the original usage model for USB by adding the capability to build a dual-role device. Cypress Semiconductor has gone one step further with their EZ-Host and EZ-OTG components that integrate up to four hosts and two functions into a single component. These multi-role devices are fully programmable and enable a wider range of USB-solutions to be developed.

Subscribe to Free Oracle Magazine Print Edition
Subscribe to free print edition of the Oracle magazine. Contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more. January/February 2011 issue: First released in 1995 and purchased by Sun in 2008, MySQL has rapidly graduated from the realm of hobbyists to the world of business, becoming the leading open source database for many Web applications and an integral part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Web application stack. Almost a year after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, MySQL plays an even bigger role in enterprises of all sizes worldwide, including the Bank of Finland, Clickability, and Gorilla Nation Media. Discover the secrets to their success.

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