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Electronics: An Online Guide for Beginners
This free online book covers the following topics: Introduction - A discription and overview of the site, Basic Concepts - First step into electronics. Discusses electronic theory, Schematic Diagrams - Introduces the schematic diagram, Circuit Concepts - Discusses series and parallel circuits, Electronic Projects - Introduces the breadboard and soldering and schematic diagrams for various electronic projects.  
Computer Aids for VLSI Design
Computer Aids for VLSI Design by Steven Rubin presents a broad and coherent view of the computational tools available to the VLSI designer. This book contains insights and information that will be valuable both to chip designers and to tool builders. Modern VLSI computer aided design (CAD) systems allow the chip designer to access in a consistent and convenient way a variety of synthesis and analysis tools. Such tools have advanced considerably in the past several years, both in their scope and in their ability to handle large designs.  
Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems
This substantial (1000-page) book, and associated CD, together describe the first comprehensive set of ‘design patterns’ to support the rapid development of reliable embedded systems based on resource-constrained embedded processors.
Rapid Development of Reliable Embedded Systems
Rapid Development of Reliable Embedded Systems is being written for developers who already have some experience with embedded systems. The aim of the book is to explore techniques which can improve system reliability.  
Digital Filter Design
The purpose of this book is to provide you with different theorethical and practical approaches to digital filter design. The book covers design of both finite and infinite impulse response filters. In addition, it applies the most popular and most commonly used design methodes giving the best solutions. Intuitive explanations and numerous examples contained in this book will help you to devolope your understanding of these methods and test your knowledge on concrete issues.

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