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Chip Data eBook
This eBook is a handy reference for many common chips. Each page contains a pinout, notes and circuits using the chip. It also has Chip Resistor identification, Surface Mount Transistor, Surface Mount Diode/Zener and Surface Mount Outlines.  
Circuit Theory
This wikibook is going to be an introductory text about electric circuits. It will cover some of the basics of electric circuit theory, circuit analysis, and will touch on circuit design. This book will serve as a companion reference for a 1st year student of an Electrical Engineering undergraduate curriculum. Topics covered include AC and DC circuits, passive circuit components, phasors, and RLC circuits.  
Basic Circuits for DC/AC Electronics
This program is designed to accompany the most popular and enduring textbooks in today's technical schools and colleges. The level of presentation is appropriate for career electronics technicians and engineering technicians.
Elements of AC Electricity
The following topics are covered in this free online book: AC Waveforms, Inductance, Inductor Circuits, Direct-Current RL Circuits, Transformers, Inductive Reactance, Alternating-Current RL Circuits, Capacitance, Capacitor Circuits, Direct-Current RC Circuits, Capacitive Reactance, Alternating-Current RC Circuits, LC Circuits, RLC Tuned Circuits, Complex Numbers for AC Circuits and AC Circuit Analysis.  
The Guide to Digital Television
As in previous editions, The Guide To Digital Television follows the typical production cycle from pre-production to delivery and transmission, and has been updated to include the latest DTV developments. We've also added a new chapter, "DTV in the Real World," that puts the DTV transition in perspective for the broadcast industry and non-technical readers. We think this addition will help clarify your goals during this historic time in the broadcast and teleproduction industries.

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