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Lessons In Electric Circuits - Volume 1 (DC)
This free online book covers topics like basic concepts of electricity, ohm's law, electrical safety, scientific notation and metric prefixes, series and parallel circuits, divider circuits and kirchhoff's laws, series-parallel combination circuits, DC metering circuits, electrical instrumentation signals and etc.  
Lessons In Electric Circuits - Volume 2 (AC)
This free online book covers topics like basic AC theory, complex numbers, reactance and impedance, resonance, mixed-frequency ac signals, filters, transformers, polyphase AC circuits, power factor, AC metering circuits, AC motors and transmission lines.  
Lessons In Electric Circuits - Volume 3 (Semiconductors)
This free online book covers topics like amplifiers and active devices, solid-state device theory, diodes and rectifiers, transistors, thyristors, operational amplifiers, practical analog semiconductor circuits, active filters, DC motor drives, inverters and AC motor drives and electron tubes.  
Lessons In Electric Circuits - Volume 4 (Digital)
This free online book covers topics like numeration systems, binary arithmetic, logic gates, switches, electromechanical relays, ladder logic, boolean algebra, karnaugh mapping, combinational logic functions, multivibrators, counters, shift registers, digital-analog conversion, digital communication, digital storage (memory) and principles of digital computing.  
Lessons In Electric Circuits - Volume 5 (Reference)
This free online book covers topics like useful equations and conversion factors, resistor color codes, conductor and insulator tables, algebra reference, trigonometry reference, calculus reference, using the spice circuit simulation program, troubleshooting -- theory and practice, circuit schematic symbols and periodic table of the elements.  

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