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Data Structures and Algorithmswith Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ is a free online book by Bruno R. Preiss. It covers topics Algorithm Analysis, Asymptotic Notation, Foundational Data Structures, Data Types and Abstraction, Stacks, Queues and Deques, Ordered Lists and Sorted Lists, Hashing, Hash Tables and Scatter Tables, Trees, Search Trees, Heaps and Priority Queues and etc.
C++ Essentials
Complete 311 page free C++ ebook by Sharam Hekmat of PragSoft Corporation. This book serves as an introduction to the C++ language. It teaches how to program in C++ and how to properly use its features.
C++ Programming for Scientists
This is a free C++ tutorial provided as course notes in pdf and gzip postscript formats. Topics include ANSI C, C++ as a better C, C++ Classes and Objects, Objects in Scientific Computing, Inheritance & Polymorphism and Templates, Exceptions & Observations.
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist C++ Version
Free C++ book How to think like a computer scientist C++ version first edition(189 pages) by Allen B. Downey in pdf format.
Industrial Strength C++
Industrial Strength C++ can be downloaded in pdf format. The contents are Naming, Organizing the code, Comments, Control flow, Object lifecycle, Conversions, The class interface, new and delete, Static objects, Object-oriented programming, Assertions, Error handling, Parts of C++ to avoid, Size of executables and Portability.

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