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C++ In Action: Industrial-Strength Programming Techniques
C++ In Action: Industrial-Strength Programming Techniques is a free online C++ book by Bartosz Milewski. The contents are Introduction, Language, Techniques, Windows Techniques and Software Project. Source Code of sample projects is also available.
Thinking In C++ Second Edition Volume One: Introduction To Standard C++
This is a popular free C++ book by Bruce Eckel. It covers topics like Introduction to Objects, Making & Using Objects, Data Abstraction, Hiding the Implementation, Initialization & Cleanup, Function Overloading & Default Arguments, Operator Overloading, Dynamic Object Creation, Inheritance & Composition, Polymorphism & Virtual Functions and Introduction to Templates.
Thinking In C++ Second Edition Volume Two: Practical Programming
This is a popular free C++ book by Bruce Eckel and Chuck Allison. It covers topics like Exception handling, Strings in depth, Iostreams, Templates in depth, Runtime type identification, Multiple inheritance, Design patterns, Concurrency.
Optimizing C++
Free online book Optimizing C++ provides working programmers and those who intend to be working programmers with a practical, real-world approach to program optimization.
C++: A Dialog - Programming with C++ Standard Library
This book have free chapters - Introduction to Programming, Hardware Fundamentals, Basics of Programming, More Basics, Functional Literacy, Taking Inventory, Creating a Homegrown string class, Inheritance, Polymorphism and etc.

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