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Machine Learning
Real world dilemmas, and especially industry related ones, are set apart from academic ones from several basic points of views. The difference appears since definition of the “problem’s solution” notion. In fact, academic (called also sometime theoretical) approach often begins by problem’s constraints simplification in order to obtain a “solvable” model (here, solvable model means a set of mathematically solvable relations or equations describing a behavior, phenomena, etc…) (Madani, 2008). If the theoretical consideration is a mandatory step to study a given problem’s solvability, for a very large number of real world dilemmas, it doesn’t lead to a solvable or realistic solution.
Sensor and Data Fusion
The methods provided by sensor and data fusion are important tools for fusing large sets of mutually complementary data end efficiently exploiting the sensor systems available. A challenging exploitation technology at the common interface between sensors, command & control systems, and the human decision makers involved, this technology plays a key role in applications with time-critical situations or in situations with a high decision risk, where human deficiencies are to be compensated by automatically or interactively working fusion techniques.
Multiagent Systems
The automation of complex large-scale systems is one of the most challenging tasks of modern control engineering. Such systems comprise a huge number of spatially distributed subsystems with both frequent and infrequent interactions, resulting in a complex overall behavior. In addition, numerous disturbances can occur leading to a high degree of uncertainty.
Sensors Focus on Tactile Force and Stress Sensors
Tactile sensation consists of sensory information at a contact status between human and the other environment. The contact status draws some physical phenomena. The tactile sensor has to record the sensory information, so the sensor should record these physical phenomena. The physical phenomena of the contact point are listed as follows; deformation, stress, temperature, and time variation of these information.
State of the Art in Face Recognition
Face recognition has become one of the most intensively investigated topics in biometrics. Recent and comprehensive surveys found in the literature, such as , provide a good indication of how active are the research activities in this area. Likewise in other fields in pattern recognition, the identification of faces has been addressed from different approaches according to the chosen representation and the design of the classification method.

Profit Magazine: The Executive's Guide to Oracle Applications
Published quarterly, Profit Magazine is distributed to more than 110,000 C-level executives* and provides business leaders with a road map on turning their technology investments into top and bottom line advantages. Profit Magazine illuminates the business impact of technology and provides industry and line-of-business intelligence for your specific challenges. At the same time, Profit Magazine also wants to shed light on Oracle's product and service strategies and how they'll impact your business - today, and in the years to come.
Free Issue of Oracle Magazine March/April 2010
Enterprise software applications are critical to a company's success, but implementing these complex information systems can require extensive planning as well as the creation of tools and repeatable processes. To speed application integration and migration efforts, organizations seek to simplify and if possible, automate their application deployments. Oracle's open and integrated enterprise applications, coupled with Oracle management tools and programs, can make the winning difference.
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