Free eBook: Security Concepts

This is a free book about computer, network, technical, physical, information and cryptographic security. You can download it as a pdf file or read it online. Topics covered: Computer security, Network security, Cryptology, and Intelligence. This is not intended to be an introductory text, although a beginner could gain something from it. This ebook examines the typical problems in computer security and related areas, and attempts to extract from them principles for defending systems.

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Free Online Book: Forensic Discovery

Read “Forensic Discovery” by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema online for free. In Forensic Discovery, two internationally recognized experts present a thorough and realistic guide to the subject. Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema cover both theory and hands-on practice, introducing a powerful approach that can often recover evidence considered lost forever. The authors draw on their extensive firsthand experience to cover everything from file systems, to memory and kernel hacks, to malware. They expose a wide variety of computer forensics myths that often stand in the way of success. Readers will find extensive examples from Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, as well as practical guidance for writing one’s own forensic tools.

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