Free Oracle Certified Associate Study Guide

Oracle Database 10g Admin 1 Exam Cram (1Z0-042) ebook by Steve Cholerton. Topics covered: The Exam and Examination Procedure, Tips on Studying and Passing the Exam, How to Use Sample Tests, Setting up a Lab / Test Environment, Oracle 10g / Concepts, OMF (Oracle Managed Files), AWR (Automatic Workload Repository), ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor), ASM (Automated Storage Management), OFA (Optimal Flexible Architecture), Oracle 10g Architecture, Creating and Controlling a Database, Data Storage and Schema Objects, Oracle Net Services, Oracle Shared Server, User Administration and Security, Auditing, Managing Data, Data Pump, SQL*Loader, Consistency and Concurrency, Proactive Maintenance and Performance Monitoring, Database Backups, Database Recovery and Assorted Facts and Figures.

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