Free Book: The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention

Free eBook of the Month offer from Microsoft Press. This practical, hands-on guide captures, categorizes, and builds a process of best practices to help avoid creating defects during the development process—rather than fixing them after extensive analysis.

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Free Book: Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit

Free eBook of the month offer from Microsoft Press. In-depth and comprehensive, this Resource Kit delivers the information you need to set up, deploy, and manage a Terminal Services farm using Windows Server 2008.

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Free eBook: Virtualization for Dummies

This special edition eBook explains Sun and AMD virtualization offerings and how they work together. The brief and easy-to-read booklet written in the well recognized Dummies style shows you how to save energy, time and money, and improve scalability. Optimize your environment with Sun virtualization solutions and see how quickly your business grows.

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Free PHP Book: Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips

Free PHP book by Matt Curry. Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips is free e-book about the CakePHP Framework. It covers topics that are generally missed in the beginner books that are on the market. This book isn’t meant for people wanting to learn CakePHP.

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Free Book: Invisible Engines

Software platforms are the invisible engines that have created, touched, or transformed nearly every major industry for the past quarter century. They power everything from mobile phones and automobile navigation systems to search engines and web portals. They have been the source of enormous value to consumers and helped some entrepreneurs build great fortunes. And they are likely to drive change that will dwarf the business and technology revolution we have seen to this point. Download the full text of this book. (quick and free registration required)

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