Free eBook: Security Concepts

This is a free book about computer, network, technical, physical, information and cryptographic security. You can download it as a pdf file or read it online. Topics covered: Computer security, Network security, Cryptology, and Intelligence. This is not intended to be an introductory text, although a beginner could gain something from it. This ebook examines the typical problems in computer security and related areas, and attempts to extract from them principles for defending systems.

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Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers

Download free book “Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers” from U.S. Geological Survey in pdf format. This book presents systematic, integrated A-to-Z coverage of state-of-the-art unsaturated zone hydrology. Multi-disciplinary in approach, it provides both a soil physics and an engineering approach to unsaturated zone hydrology. Coverage begins with the basic physical properties and the behavior of clays, and moves on to contaminant transport and other parameters such as spatial variability, scaling, and fractals in the earth sciences.

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Free Online Book: Forensic Discovery

Read “Forensic Discovery” by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema online for free. In Forensic Discovery, two internationally recognized experts present a thorough and realistic guide to the subject. Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema cover both theory and hands-on practice, introducing a powerful approach that can often recover evidence considered lost forever. The authors draw on their extensive firsthand experience to cover everything from file systems, to memory and kernel hacks, to malware. They expose a wide variety of computer forensics myths that often stand in the way of success. Readers will find extensive examples from Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, as well as practical guidance for writing one’s own forensic tools.

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Free Online Book: Wikipedia: The Missing Manual

Read Oreilly’s “Wikipedia: The Missing Manual” online for free. Learn how to contribute to Wikipedia, the popular user-generated online reference that serves 9 million entries and 2.5 billion requests per day. Wikipedia: The Missing Manual gives you practical advice on how to create articles and collaborate with fellow editors, how to improve existing articles, and how to work with the Wikipedia community to review new articles, mediate disputes, and maintain the site.

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Free eBook: After the Software Wars

Free eBook “After the Software Wars” by Keith Curtis, an 11-year veteran of Microsoft, believes deeply that open source is the future of software. He takes a programmer’s approach in “Software Wars,” attempting to systematically build a case that software can help pave the way for a 21st-century renaissance in many fields ranging from artificial intelligence (cars that drive themselves) to the human journey into space (space elevators).

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Free eBook: Blender Basics 2nd Edition

This free ebook on Blender, an open-source 3D graphics and animation software includes the following topics: Introduction/Fundamentals, The Blender Interface, Working With Viewports, Creating and Editing Objects, Lighting and Cameras, Materials and Textures, Setting Up a World, Rendering Window Settings, Raytracing, Animation Basics, Adding Text, NURBS and Meta Shape Basics, Modifiers, Particle Systems and Interactions, Child-Parent Relationships, Working With Constraints, Armatures, Relative Vertex Keys, Chapter 18- Soft Bodies, Creating Springs, Screws and Gears, Game Engine Basics, Video Sequence Editor.

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Free Project Management eBook

This free Project Management eBook includes the following topics: Project Sociology, Social Groups, Flexible Mind, Complex Adaptive Systems, Social Networks And Game Theory, OODA: Individuals Interacting, Resilience, Panarchy: Complexity On Mulitiple Levels, Adaption In Projects.

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Free eBook: Logic, Programming and Prolog 2nd Edition

Download free book “Logic, Programming and Prolog 2nd Edition” by by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski in pdf format. The use of logic as the basis for program development is motivated by the possibilities it offers for achieving greater program correctness. PROLOG is a high-level programming language based on the concept of logic. This text offers a concise treatment of the theory of logic programming and a practical, problem-solving approach to its applications. It introduces major new developments in a continually evolving field, including topics such as concurrency, equational logic programming and constraint logic programming.

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Free eBook: NerdDinner ASP.NET MVC

This is a free 196 page eBook on ASP.NET MVC that walks-through building a small, but complete, ASP.NET MVC application from scratch. The best way to learn a new framework is to build something with it. This first chapter walks through how to build a small, but complete, application using ASP.NET MVC, and introduces some of the core concepts behind it.
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The Developer’s Guide to the Platform

“The Developer’s Guide to the Platform: Advanced Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing” presents a complete picture of the capabilities of the platform. Aimed at developers with its concise coverage, the Guide provides a framework for understanding the platform with a narrative journey through the entire platform.
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