The Free iPod Book 3.0

Free iPOD book

This free pdf book with 230 pages includes topics:Sneak Peeks, The All Things iPod Guide, iTunes Tips and Tricks, The iPhone Index, Love Your Apple TV, Contests and Galleries, Appleā€™s Semi-Secret Store and Backstage and Closing the Curtain.

Download the Free iPod book.

Free MSDN Library April 2007 Edition

MSDN Library April 2007 edition can be downloaded for free

MSDN Library provides access to essential programming information, including technical reference documentations, white papers, software development kits and code samples necessary to develop web services and applications.

Free MSDN Library download

Free Book The Unicode Standard Version 5.0

The Unicode Standard Version 5.0

The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 is available as a free download. Each chapter can be downloaded in pdf format.

Version 5.0.0 of the Unicode Standard consists of the publication The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 plus the Unicode Character Database, Version 5.0.0. The book gives the general principles, requirements for conformance, and guidelines for implementers, followed by character code charts and names and the text of all of the Unicode Standard Annexes.

Download the The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0.